Atosafe has originally gained popularity for its liquid detergents, especially in home shopping channels by featuring celebrities such as Kang, Ho-dong, a well-known South Korean television host, and a comedian.
Atosafe’s Nature Exhilaration Wood Green contains 70% ethanol, which is higher than the products made by The Skin Factory and Neo-Medical.
It is approved by the U.S. FDA, FITI Testing & Research Institute, and Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT).
The company highlights that its hand sanitizer is made of natural extracts from lemon, orange, chamomile, sugar cane, sugar maple, blueberry, etc. In terms of its marketing and strategic focus on natural ingredients, Atosafe overlaps with The Skin Factory’s Kundal. Figure 6 is the image of Atosafe’s hand sanitizer.