Hancom Lifecare (Sancheong)

Among the protective suits produced by Hancom Lifecare with the brand name of Sancheong, SCA4000 and SCA3000T satisfy the Type 3 and Type 4 standards.
Sancheong’s fabric includes breathable films and spunbonded polypropylene for both protection and comfort. The stitches and seams are chemically sealed to protect against fine particles and contaminated liquid.

It has storm flap zippers covered with double layers to increase work efficiency while maximizing protection.

Figure 1 is the image of Hancom Lifecare’s Sancheong, and Table 1 demonstrates its full product portfolio.

Figure 1. Image of Hancom Lifecare’s Sancheong

Table 1. Product portfolio of Hancom Lifecare’s Sancheong