mobile body temperature check and disinfection booths

Specifications of mobile body temperature check and disinfection booths

The mobile body temperature inspection booth is used to spray and disinfect the surface of objects such as people, pets, cargo, etc. passing through the entrance of public space in case of an emergency public hygiene event, and to conduct non-contact body temperature inspections especially for people.

It is easy, safe, intuitive, and accurate to check the body temperature abnormality and mask wear of the people in and out of the room. You can also record and store the measured data and all actions are automated, so you do not need any separate operations.

It uses disinfectants that are harmless to the human body and automatically detects passageway objects to control spray time.

It is wheel-mounted, so it can be moved and quickly deployed, and the exterior design is also safely designed to ensure that you can check and prevent where you need it.

The advantage of a product

1. Whole part spray disinfection function

2. Hand exclusive, and the non-contact alcohol disinfector the use contact infection prevention

3. Under shoe disinfection function

4. Secure human health safety with food-grade disinfectant use device state notification function

5. Device state notification function

6. Automatic Liquid Supplementation, Wastewater Collection Function

7. Passage lighting, 24 hours available

8. Wheels with brake function, convenience of movement

9. Non-contact body temperature test, voice and lighting alarm

10. Measured body temperature data and image data can be stored (Max 30,000 cases)

11. Camera for screen recognition

Patent registration number : 202030053956.4, 202020183189.3