Yuhan Kimberly’s CleanGuard (TYPE 3, TYPE 4)

Among the protective suits produced by Yuhan Kimberly with the brand name of CleanGuard, A71 and A80 satisfy the Type 3 and Type 4 standards.

CleanGuard A71 and A80 are made of highly durable fabric, coated with Saranex 23-P Film, and have double covers for zippers for maximum protection.
Also, the seams use ultrasonic bonding to fundamentally prevent the leakage of chemicals.

The company highlights the comfortable fit of CleanGuard by ergonomically considering the movement and comfort of the workers to increase work efficiency.

CleanGuard comes in yellow and orange colors since the visibility of workers is critical for their safety in hazardous work environments.
It protects against electrostatic discharge (EN1149-5), radioactive contamination (EN1073-2), and infectious agents, including viruses (EN14126).
Figure 1 is the image of Yuhan Kimberly’s CleanGuard, and Table 1 demonstrates its full product portfolio.

Figure 1. Image of Yuhan Kimberly’s CleanGuard

Table 1. demonstrates its full product portfolio